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Morso Mitring Machines

Dust free (using special made knives and not rotating saw blades) and noiseless cutting machines for picture frames, mirrors, door frames, glazing beads, window frames etc. Exact 45 degree angle. No problem with vibrations from rotating saw blades. No dust extraction necessary for any of the machines. For small, medium and high volume production.
Morso Fillet Cutter Morso B
Morso Fillet Cutter  is a compact hand-operated cutter designed specificially for cutting fillets. Mrso Mitring Machine Model B  hand operated bench model, excluding rebate support and measuring system.
Morso BA Morso BAP
Morso Mitring Machine Model BA  hand operated bench model, including rebate support and measuring system. Morso Mitring Machine Model BAP  a small and handy pneumatic bench model, ideal for small and narrow mouldings with rebate.
Morso F Morso F De-Luxe
Morso Mitring Machine Model F  the world most sold mitring machine- more than 80.000 machines sold - manually operated with a foot pedal. Morso Mitring Machine Model F De-Luxe  same as Morso F, but with the coloured measuring scale attached to the table.
Morso F Plus Ten Morso H
Morso Mitring Machine Model F Plus Ten  same as Morso F, but working height of the table has been increased by 100mm making Morso F Plus Ten more ergonoimically to work for taller people. Morso Mitring Machine Model H  semi automatic, pneumatic mitring machine, dual hand operated for added safety.
Morso EH Morso EH Turbo
Morso Mitring Machine Model EH  automatic electric-hydraulic - no compressor required. Ideal production machine for male as well as female operators. Morso Mitring Machine Model EH Turbo  identical to Morso EH, but 50% faster cutting cycle. No compressor required.
Morso EH Digital Morso EH Noiseless
Morso Mitring Machine Model EH Digital  identical to Morso EH, but delivered with a touch-screen display for easier and further adjustments / settings. No compressor required. Morso Mitring Machine Model EH Noiseless  identical to Morso EH. Noiseless operation. Motor is boxed in. Ideal for the silent work place. No compressor required.
Morso EHXL Accessories
Morso Mitring Machine Model EHXL  identical to Morso EH Turbo, cut up to 150mm wide mouldings. no compressor required. Morso Mitring Accessories  digital measuring system, roller infeed tables, and all standard accessories.